She abandons her dog in a shelter... the latter is euthanized 1h later

Taken by the throat because of money problems, Vanessa Thomas was forced to give up his dog in a Virginia refuge (USA). But she did not expect it to be euthanized an hour after her arrival.

Vanessa Thomas had no choice: because of severe financial difficulties, she could no longer provide for the needs of his dog , a 5-year-old Pitbull named Patty. She then took the heavy decision of entrusting her to a shelter in her city, thinking to offer her the opportunity to find a good family.

She regrets her abandonment

eaten by guilt , however, she returned to the shelter the next day to recover her dog. But once there, Vanessa Thomas could only be amazed: Patty was dead. She had been euthanized... an hour after her arrival!

Vanessa had signed a discharge stating that an animal could be euthanized once left at the shelter, but the young woman did not expect to that this radical decision is taken so quickly. For her part, the direction of the shelter defends itself: the bitch would have been aggressive towards Deborah Broughton, the director, and that is the reason why she would have been euthanasied.

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