Severely burned, this abandoned dog is looking for a home

Who will give this dog the second chance he deserves so much?

The animal was severely burned in a fire that started on the night of January 15 in the wasteland where he had been abandoned, near the Parc des Lilas in Vitry-sur-Seine, in the Val de Marne

Borgne, and soon amputated

As reported Parisian , the dog miraculously survived . But he unfortunately did not come out unscathed. Three quarters of his body were burned by the flames.

With one eye out, he will probably also have to have a leg cut off.

If the dog did not run away when the fire broke out , because the Labrador crusader was tied up. The firefighters were able to save him, but other animals, chickens and goats, perished.

A shed on the vacant lot, whose owner was not identified, was completely destroyed.

A call for witnesses launched

" Today (the dog) is treated in a veterinary clinic in Créteil and we are looking for someone to collect ," says Stéphane Lamart, President of an animal welfare association bearing his name.

" We are also calling for witnesses to gather as many elements as possible to complain about ' negligence and breach of safety rules. . We do not know if the fire is of criminal origin or not, we do not know the owner, we try to specify all this "he explains to the Parisian .

> If you have information, or if you want to give this dog the love and attention he deserves, do not hesitate to contact us. call the Stéphane Lamart association at