Seriously injured, a dog comes home painfully after taking 52 bullets in the body

In Finistère, a dog has recently been the victim of a grievous aggression. Accustomed to walk alone, he went back to his masters riddled with sinkers. A complaint was lodged.

But what could have pushed an individual to do so? As every evening, a couple from the town of Cloitre-Saint-Thegonnec has left Booster, his dog crossed Dog-Labrador, to walk alone in the neighborhood. Accustomed, the animal returns from itself after half an hour, three quarters of an hour, reports The Telegram . But a little earlier this month, the mechanics so well oiled met with a glitch: after a night out, the canine returned home in the early morning... seriously injured .

The dog , already victim of an attack

"He was bleeding everywhere and had a hard time", remembers the master of Booster. The latter immediately brought his companion to the vet. The radios made, the verdict was irrevocable: the dog had taken 52 pellets... and a was missing. A relentlessness that is not explained by the couple to the extent that, at the height of its 10 years, the canid "is not impressive or dangerous.

Yet this is not the first time he has been in trouble. A week before this aggression of great violence, the dog had returned home with an injury to him. "We thought it was because of a fight with a cat, but the vet told us that he was shot ...", says his owner. A complaint has been lodged so that the torturer can be discovered and arrested.

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