Gravely ill, a child was saved by his dog

Earlier this month, a heroic dog flew to the rescue of his young master with diabetes mellitus type 1. And for good reason, the boy who lives in California (United States) had a hypoglycemia crisis in the middle of the night that could have been fatal...

Like the story that binds the duo formed by Alfie and Mark Cannon, the one who unites Jedi with Luke, is likely to move you a lot. The doggie named after the knights of the famous Star Wars saga has saved the life of his 7-year-old human, reported the Washington Post . Diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 2, the little Californian has always been able to count on the unwavering support of his faithful black labrador.

Trained to detect variations in the blood sugar level of the little boy, the dog is endowed an unparalleled flair that allows him to warn his bipeds in time when the level reached is alarming. Also, when in the night of Wednesday, March 2 he detected the danger, it is without hesitation that he was eager to go wake up the mother of the little man.

"Without Jedi, I would have had no idea that he was in danger ", said Luke's mother. And for good reason, although awakened by the dog, the device responsible for monitoring live sugar levels of her son she consulted did not indicate anything abnormal.

But the doggie continued to show assistant, lowering his head relentlessly as he was trained to do during a hypoglycaemic crisis.

"I then took a sample of his blood and [the sugar level] was way too low. Luke was right next to me, and without Jedi, I would have had no idea ", did she also write on the Facebook page she's holding in the aim to raise the awareness of Internet users to the daily difficulties of diabetics.

And so that the message passes well, it captured a photo of the night or the dog was more heroic than ever.

«We can have the impression that this picture shows only a dog and a sleeping child . But it's a photo of Jedi saving his little boy. "

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