Seeing through the eyes of animals, it's possible

Who has never asked how do see animals? We often hear that dogs have a black and white vision, but is that true? For the first time, an interactive application answers questions we ask about the sight of our best friends on all fours, and this in a fun way.

> The vision in the cat and the dog: how do our animals see?

Raising awareness of animal vision

All eyes on Paris is an interactive 3D experience from Dassault Systèmes that allows us to see through the eyes of animals that are ours familiar: the dog, the cat, the rat, the bee, and the hawk. Based on scientific data collected by veterinarians and ophthalmologists, the application makes the user aware of animal vision by immersion in an interactive 3D environment (Place Vendôme in Paris) placing it in particular in the skin of a rat

Combining the useful with the pleasant

To learn while having fun, the project includes small games for each animal, where the player must handle the visual constraints to get the best score. In addition, the player has the opportunity to collect information on the vision of the animal that he embodies by passing through "question marks."

Finally, the application allows users to interact with experts within community

To test this unique experience, visit All eyes in Paris . Attention, to enjoy it, it is necessary to install the 3DVIA Player for Windows.

All eyes on Paris