Secret Story or the secret story of a star dog named Sausage

A dog that comes by far
At first sight, the meeting between the master and his dog seemed rather bad. Indeed, Serge Scotto, a journalist who came to the SPA in Marseilles this day to adopt a dog, then passes in front of the Sausage cage, which turns his back on him.

The future master, who does not do not know it yet, think then "You, I will not take you because you're so ugly!

In other words, it is not love at first sight. But, as he passes by this little dachshund with short hair, Serge is in pity. "If I do not take it, no one will take it. It must be said that Sausage, at the SPA for eight months then, is a survivor of dogfights and what is more, aged 11.

Since then, sausage has been out in the open and has no keeps increasing his popularity rating since he's in the house of Secret Story. The candidates are racking their brains and for good reason, the dachshund has some things to hide.

The 5 crazy things on Sausage:
1. A place in Marseille, took its name from 2001 to 2008: "The place of the dog sausage"
2. He is the ambassador of a high fashion dog brand "Joy of a toy"
3. He writes a weekly column in a daily newspaper "Network Plus"
4. He is a writer and even signs autographs
5. But his real secret: He ran in 2001, as a candidate for mayor of Marseille with a slogan of shock: "For a sauciété more human, against a dog's life! »And got 4% of the vote!

Secret's buzz:
Renamed Secret for the game, Sausage is talked about. Back on the main buzz:

- Mute dog
According to Kevin, the light of the house, Secret would not bark; he would actually be a dumb dog! He wants to show him his singing skills...
- Miracle Dog
Vanessa, for her part, thinks that Secret is a miraculous dog, after having suffered a serious accident. Hmm... well seen but Sausage hides more than one trick in his bag!
- Dog saved from euthanasia
Bruno thinks that Sausage comes from a shelter and that he was saved from euthanasia by the production of the show.

Secret is so strong, that during the famous "confrontations", it is expressed through the subtitles added by the prod. And he does not have the tongue in his pocket.

His 3 cults:
- "I have been nests in the south for 11 years.
- "Ridiculous... Poor Kevin," he replies to the candidate, barking in front of him.
- "My scars are like your hair, it's taboo," he says to Vanessa, who will have looked for it!

Ambassador of the animal cause, the "politichien" plays for the Marseille SPA, where he comes from. But, how will he do to buzzer secrets and therefore to take money? Especially since a priori, Secret would stay only one week in the house... Minister's time obliges!