A Secret Story candidate accused of mistreating his cat

Candidate eliminated from Secret Story 15 last August, Geoffrey mistreats his adorable cat Couscous The discovery of a video posted online in 2011 by the young man as red as his cat has been controversial for several days. And Geoffrey made a point of defending himself against the accusations that he is subjected to.

In this video called My cat is a weapon of mass destruction (see below), we see the young man playing with his cat, still a very small kitten at this time, and handle it somewhat brutally, using the animal as a machine gun, before pretending to throw it like a pomegranate.

"Couscous is the most beloved cat in the world "

Questioned by Télé Star the former inhabitant of the House of Secrets claims to love his cat. "We can show you images and make you believe just about anything Couscous, I do not mistreat him, I play with him, I love him," he says.

And explain: "I do not throw it like a grenade, as it is shown on the screen, I take it gently, I mime the pomegranate throwing, but I really put it on a cushion that is right next to it. that in the image, one might think that it is a cat-run, but by no means, I love it too much."

Ubiquitous on Instragram account of Goeffrey, who spends his time take a picture and declare his love on social networks, "Couscous is fine," promises the young man. "Couscous is the most loved cat in the world It's my baby, it's the son I have not had "