Cat Scratcher

One pe try to direct the cat to places and objects reserved for scratches such as the cat tree. For this, there is a very useful cat accessory: the scratcher .

Cat scratcher

There are cardboard scratches, sisal or carpet, each appreciated differently depending on the cat.

The cat scratcher must be placed in a visible place when entering the room or in places of passage.

Indeed, the cat scratches not only to make his claws but also for mark its territory and warn its congeners of its borders

It is better to place a scratching post vertically and to fix it to the wall; if it moves, the cat will become frightened.

It can be made easier by fixing a nail on top of the scratching post to which hangs a dummy mouse attached to a string . It is by trying to catch it that the cat will be able to discover the scratching post.

The cat tree

The cat tree is an ideal accessory for to occupy your cat during your absence . The ladders, the platforms but also the elastic balls of the cat tree will be able to hold all the attention of your animal. There is no doubt that this giant accessory will reconcile the family cat with the game.

The game is an essential activity for the domestic cat , especially if it can not be stretched the legs outside. Indeed, the fun replaces the hunting behavior that the cat can not satiate.

The game allows him to eliminate his frustrations and relieve his tensions. The game, through the cat tree, is also a great way to keep your cat in good shape!

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