Scooter, the oldest cat in the world still alive

We already talked about it on AllCreatureAnimalClinic , but the Guiness World Records just confirmed: Scooter, a Siamese is the oldest cat in the world still alive. He was able to dethrone Corduroy

, the 26-year-old cat. Originally from Mansfield, Texas, the animal that was born on March 26, 1986, has been living with his human Gail Floyd since birth. The two friends have always been inseparable. Already a kitten, Scooter liked to perch on the shoulder of his mistress and spend time with her. Thirty years later, their relationship has not changed at all

: the cat wakes Gail every morning at 6am he speaks to her and jumps on him. During the day, he even spends his time behind the door waiting for his human mom to come home from work. Gail has some ideas about the reasons for Scooter's longevity: " He likes to see new places and he like people . In addition, the ball of hair traveled in 45 of the 50 US states

, always accompanied by Gail. But her favorite meeting is the retirement home, where the mother of the young woman resides. The friends of the human often speak of Scooter as a cat

active, playful and full of energy.

However, the cat did not always have this beautiful life, at only four weeks, the kitten lost his mother... moreover, in October 2014, the latter broke his leg and is regularly subjected to treatments Despite this, Scooter veterinarians claim that it is an absolutely amazing cat with a strong will to live


So we hope that this pretty cat goes still be able to keep his mistress company for many years, practicing his favorite activities like eating chicken, his favorite dish. Your cat is very old too? If so, feel free to share it as a comment on our page Facebook

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