Scandal: an animal welfare association kills 2200 dogs and cats

This is a sad news item that is shaking the world of animal welfare. The president of an association is accused of having "sacrificed" nearly 2,200 animals in Spain

At first sight, the Animal Park of Torremolinos, Spain, could be an idyllic place for animals. Animal shelter first, it also has a grooming salon, a residence and a private clinic for animals. In short, a very complete animal center , located a few kilometers from Malaga, Andalusia. But what lies behind is far from what one could imagine...

The president of the nonprofit association has been tried since mid-November in the Malaga court for acts of mistreatment of animals , among others. The prosecutor concluded, after an investigation, that the officer and her maintenance worker had " sacrificed and given to cremate " 2,183 animals between January 2009 and October 2010! And this, in order to "reduce costs" and focus on lucrative private activities, says the prosecutor.

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A slow and painful agony

Not only this woman and his accomplice is would have been subjected to several waves of mass killings, but they would have also subjected the animals to "a slow and painful agony": according to the prosecution, they injected a deadly substance , to a lower dose than recommended "for the sole purpose of saving money" and without having previously fallen asleep.

"To carry out these massive and programmed exterminations (...) the security cameras of the center were disconnected and music distributed in high volume ", in order to cover the" screams ", according to the findings of the prosecution.

The accused deny en bloc

Despite these very serious charges, the president of the association denies the facts. In a video broadcast by the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, she explains that she has " the phobia of injections " and claims to have to "look elsewhere", unable to "see how the needle goes".

The woman, who also has no veterinary diploma, and her accomplice face four years in prison for mistreatment of animals, illegal practice of the veterinary profession and falsification of documents. The trial will end on December 9th. Case to follow.

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