Scandal: 2 hours after arrival at the pound, a lost dog is euthanized!

When Capone disappeared from his home in Michigan (United States), his masters were mad with concern. But in a few hours, this fear turned into anger and tears... And for good reason: their dog was euthanized.

Capone was found by a passerby who drove him to the pound before it does not happen to him. He probably did not know that he had just signed the death warrant of the poor dog who had only lost himself...

The dog was wearing his harness

Aged and apparently unidentified Capone was euthanized two hours after arriving at the pound. He was wearing his usual harness... The staff of the pound could have inferred that he had owners... But alas, this was not the case.

Upset , his masters do not recover from this tragedy. They would never have imagined losing it, much less knowing it was euthanized without their consent. We send them our deepest condolences...

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