Scam of 6000 euros on the Internet for dogs "donated"

Most of you know, adopt a pet via the Internet is not recommended: we do not see the animal in real life, nor the person who sells it, we discuss by email, and the payment method is dematerialized. So many bargains that have multiplied networks of scams on many sites classified ads.

This time, it is a woman from Sarthe (72) who has the expense... and the scam is big. The poor victim has spent no less than 5994 euros for 2 Yorkshire so-called "donated" she will never see.

It all starts in June 2010 when this woman goes to the site of classified ads Leboncoin and finds this offer that looks like a bargain: a person moving to Benin gives free 2 Yorkshire.

The victim jumps on the occasion, but very quickly a first payment by Western mandate Union (universal mode of payment) is required for transport costs : 113 euros. The scammer then pretexts the purchase of the transport cage, the vaccination and other expenses which required 8 other mandates in the amount of 876 euros .

As the scammer feels that his prey is "easy", he decides to add a layer, then two... Everything goes, the companion of 2 dogs, hotel, customs... For a total of 31 mandates corresponding to the sum of 5994 euros

With such remote communication and payment practices, there is little recourse for the victim, even if she has lodged a complaint. She probably will not see her money, nor the 2 Yorkshire that never existed.