Saved, this Pitbull became the perfect mum of more than 20 abandoned kittens

In three years, this bitch collected by a shelter in Washington DC (USA) has been busy giving lots of love to young felines without family or home.

When Hema came to the Humane Rescue Alliance, he was in a bad situation: the Pitbull suffered many bites and was infested with parasites. Little by little, she was put back on legs. But it is not for her heavy past that she makes so much talk about her. Soon, the rescued dog showed a great interest in the young felines orphans collected by the shelter.

Beyond the simple curiosity, she wanted to take care of them, to take care of them Was it because she had lacked love that she was so tender, so kind to the poor little ones? No one has the answer. But still, she kept this habit

even after its adoption . A bitch for small cats

The adorable dog with the sweet personality has indeed conquered the heart of an animal lover. And the latter loves so much the hairy she is

host family... for kittens ! In three years, more than 20 cats passed in his hands. Of course, the nice dog helped her new mother to

take care of the collected cats. Play sessions, cuddles, naps... Hema shared everything with these cats. Happy and not missing more love, she was just happy to be able to give these little

all the sweet r they had not known before. Cats? It's like they're all his life. She adores them and wants only their well-being, as shown in this video:

Hema the Pittie Foster

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