Saved or abandoned? The new poignant campaign of 30 Millions of Friends

As the summer holidays draw near, the 30 Million Friends Foundation is resuming its fight against abandonment through a short film that will leave no one indifferent.

Each year, 100,000 animals are abandoned by their owners and the majority are abandoned in summer, during departures on vacation. Thousands of unscrupulous masters do not want to be burdened with their cat or their dog on the road of the sun or make it keep the time of their stay. The poor beasts then find themselves outside, often on the highway, left to themselves and vulnerable to all dangers.

A happy ending... or not!

The approaching summer holidays and animal welfare associations at risk again to be overwhelmed if things do not change, the Foundation 30 Millions of Friends continues as every year its fight against abandonment and raises awareness with a poignant video that we let you discover . A look to the end!

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