Saved from a shelter this kitten has found two friends, one of which is not like the others!

While in a shelter, the Koma family could not resist Hachi, an adorable ball of hair with love to spare. And in this new family, Hachi made two very very beautiful encounters.

That's Hachi .

Five months old, Hachi was adopted by a Japanese family while he wisely waited for his ride in a shelter. Once in his new home, the kitten met Koma, the family's red cat and another very special person: Ultraman !

Ultraman, a companion like no other

Adopted when he was only three days old, Koma immediately had a heart stroke for Ultraman, a robot figure he has not left since his first days until today. . It is therefore no surprise that when Hachi arrived in the family, Koma assumed the role of big brother under the benevolent eyes of Ultraman. Ultraman was there for Hachi, as it had been for Koma.

In a few days, Koma and Hachi became inseparable. Koma never leaves Hachi alone and both spend a lot of time with Ultraman . The three friends especially like to take a nap together.

A beautiful moment of complicity

Inseparable, even to wait for the food of the morning

The trio of shock

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