Saved from certain death, he becomes the first dog to climb Everest

Rupee's life has changed since his human, South African Joanne Lefson, discovered and saved him, while wandered to a dump in the Himalayan village of Leh, northern India. Only 8 months old, the poor dog was hungry, dehydrated, and terrified

Rupee could not walk

" When I saw him in this dump, he must not have had more than an hour to live, he could not even walk 100 meters without collapsing "says his guardian angel.

And then, a few months later, after having followed a diet rich in rice and boiled egg protein, it's an absolutely radiant doggie that accompanied his rescuer to the top of Everest.

Of course, Joanne did not leave on a but after his vet assured him that Rupee was fit enough to undertake such an ascent, and confirmed that being a native of the Himalayas, the dog would not suffer from altitude.

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The name of Joanne Lefson may not be unknown to you. This great lover of the dogs was the mistress of Oscar, a doggie she had saved from euthanasia in South Africa before taking around the world . Alas, the little dog died last January. Aged 11, Oscar was hit by a car in California. The ascent of Everest undertaken by Joanne and Rupee was also dedicated to this

dog with an exceptional destiny.

> The world tour of Oscar in pictures The duo left on October 26 last, armed with two prayer flags embroidered with the wish to

see all the stray dogs of the world find a house.

A nice tribute to Oscar Like Oscar, become the dog having Most traveled in the world, Rupee made history by becoming the first ever pet dog to climb Everest. An expedition filmed by Mumbai filmmaker Dev Argarwel. Accompanied by porters and guides, Joanne and Rupee joined Everest base camp from Kathmandu in just 10 days


@Caters News Agency " My Biggest My concern was whether Rupee could really do it, I had prepared for the worst, and had hired an extra porter in case he needed a break

, "says Joanne. And to tell how magical the moment Rupee walked on snow for the first time. Joanne says no animal will ever be able to replace Oscar