Sauvé, a cat collects a kitten and offers him all his love

Last April, Rosie, the cat the cat of San Jose snatched from the dead by a husky, agreed to fly to the rescue of nine orphaned kittens. And in the lot, one of them particularly caught his attention...

Found dying in the street, Rosie went to a hair of death. It is thanks to the unconditional love of Lilo that the kitten got out, becoming the "little puppy" that the dog had never had. With this lesson, the cat has naturally accepted in her turn to become the nanny of nine young orphan felines, welcomed by her humans while they are ready for adoption.

And it is among them that Rosie found Tommy, the one she considers today as her own little one. If the end of June he will leave for a new family, for now, he enjoys his mother's heart. He also learns a lot of things by his side!

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