Saved by a couple, this kitten now has the life of his dreams

Circo was very lucky to meet people at the big heart.

Six months ago, a little red and white kitten came in meowing in a garden in the south of Greece to claim food. Without hesitation, the family brings him food. Seeing that the cat starts to leave after eating and heading for dangerous roads, Vassiliki and her husband decide to take her with them. Two days later, they return with him to Athens to give him a new life .

"From the beginning, Circo was very talented and attentive with us," says Vassiliki on without adding that the kitten is also very talented as soon as he has a ball between the legs. His favorite toy.

Circo? on Instagram: Since I was little I was very athletic !!

Quickly, the kitten totally gets used to its new indoor cat life and starts tracking its humans everywhere.

A real life of (pa) cat

Circo? on Instagram: & ldquo; My @macdonaldsworld #macflurry was...

Day after day, little Circo turns into a beautiful cat and develops his personality. Player, the kitten is especially fond of naps and hugs, which his masters also particularly appreciate.

Happy and loved, Circo no longer has to worry about food or finding a place to sleep . Today, it is even become a big and beautiful cat .

Below you can relive the history of Circo in video.

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