Sarthe: 2 dogs kidnapped and tortured

When came home from work early Thursday morning, Christophe, 26, discovered a window in his home. ' Yvré-l'Evêque was broken.

Whereas he believes he was robbed , the young man realizes that his interior is in order . Astonished not to be welcomed by his dogs , Christophe seeks them. In vain...

His dogs were kidnapped

Christophe knows that when his two dogs Croc-Blanc and Lola made a mistake, they hide behind the sofa . So it is there that the young man first seeks his companions.

But he will seek, his two dogs are not found . " All the locks in the house were closed. It was not possible that they escaped... , "says Christophe in the newspaper Lemainelibre .

As the minutes pass, the young man is now certain: his dogs were removed . " Nothing had been stolen. There was cash on the table that was still there. I think we took my dogs for personal revenge . Those who did that came here on purpose to remove . It was premeditated , he explained to gendarmes.

Tortured to death

For Christophe and his friends, it was impossible to wait to do nothing. As soon as the sun comes up, they go in search of the two dogs.

In the afternoon, they will eventually find White-fanged refugee at the bottom of a barn . The body of the American staff carries the marks of and serious burns .

Transported in emergency to the vet, the dog will finally succumb to his injuries . " I stayed with him all the time. He suffered terribly , is moved Christophe.

Lola, it will be found two days later 60 km from the home of Christophe. According to the initial findings of the investigation, the young dog Rottweiler was attached and drowned

I thought it only happened on TV. I have the impression of not having been in reality for three days. How can we do that to dogs? , asks Christophe.

Croc-Blanc and Lola ( Photo credit DR )

Animal welfare associations take over

I know everyone does not understand that, but for me, they're like my kids ... , "says Christophe speaking about his dogs.

That he's reassured, many people know that what happened is unacceptable. The Society for the Protection of Animals (APS) and the Brigitte-Bardot Foundation should soon be a party alongside Christophe

We can not allow things like that to happen without intervening. Those who did this must be found and judged . ", indignant Brigitte Zerren, of the SPA Yvré-l'Evêque.

For its part, the small town of Nauvay, in North Sarthe, has also filed a complaint against X .

At this time, the reasons that have pushed the perpetrators to act are still unknown...