Same Day Pups: a delivery service for puppies by drone (Video of the day)

Two toddlers beg their parents to offer them a puppy. How to resist face to face with beaten dogs? The parents grabbed their tablet and choose in just a few clicks a terribly cute ball of hair.

Harnessed to a drone, the puppy then begins his journey to his new home...

"A puppy is not a product "

Do you also dream of having a puppy delivered by drone?

. A surprise awaits you! The site offers a catalog of dogs to buy. And there are even promotions! But when you click on the photo of the chosen dog breed, a message is displayed: " A puppy is not a product

, which is cute, but there is the cruelty behind this minionage.The majority of puppies sold online and in pet stores come from puppy mills.If you buy one, the cycle of cruelty continues. " This campaign was devised by a protection association American animal to raise public awareness and encourage it to adopt in shelters or from serious and responsible breeders not considering their dogs as mere products but as sentient beings and they are