Sad news: the nonagenarian part of the road trip with her dog died

Miss Norma had moved the world by going traveling with her dog instead of following her cancer treatment. The disease has unfortunately caught up with her, forcing Ringo to lose her best friend...

"I'm 90, I will not do that" , said the most famous granny on the Web, Driving Miss Norma, after learning that the rest of her days would be chemotherapy and other radiation. Neither one nor two, she then embarked on a fabulous motorhome trip across the United States with her son, daughter-in-law and poodle, Ringo. The dog and the old lady had adopted each other to the point of sharing many moments of complicity together.

But on September 30, after a little over a year of crossing, Norma was extinct at the age of 91. She has visited 32 US states and part of Canada alongside Ringo and her family. From now on, she will rest in peace.

Driving Miss Norma

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