Russian bank lends cats to customers who have just bought a house

Cats around the world are at the heart of many superstitions. For some, they are bad luck, especially when they are black, like the one who interrupted a football game recently. For others, however, the cat is a sign of good fortune.

This is particularly the case in Russia, which inspired a campaign to say the least unusual to the largest national bank, Sberbank

It seems that in this country, have a cat in a lucky house . But not everyone has the means to adopt one, nor the time needed to devote to it, especially when buying a new home.

A cat loan to retain customers

Basing an entire advertising campaign on this Russian belief, Sberbank therefore had the idea of ​​ lending a feline to the first customers coming to subscribe a mortgage in one of their institutions. The customer will be able to choose from 10 different breeds, presented on the website of the bank, and will be joined by the feline when he moves to his new home.

The bank's website explains in video the operation of this offer a bit peculiar. We see different people, families or couples essentially, about to enter their new home for the first time. A cat is then brought , and it remains only wait for the cat between the first by the front door. The animal will then be able to stay with the new owners for a few hours, time to take some pictures and go around the house with him.