Running dog: 4 solutions

Your dog has a taste for small trips improvised? In the middle of summer, you have to be more careful. Open garden, tourists and crowded streets, unknown holiday spot... So many innocuous elements that could become real dangers in the face of a dog who gets the trunk.

Here are 4 anti-fugue solutions:

1. The or fugue barrier
With a transparent wire (from 100 to 300 m), you define an area that the dog can not overtake. This wire is connected to his collar and sends him a warning signal if he is too close to the limit zone. If in spite of that, the daredevil ventures there, he will receive a small discharge which will dissuade him from starting again. As for the barrier collar, it works wirelessly and takes into account a limit of 12 meters

2. The kennel
A kennel? It's simple to do and nice for the animal. Be careful when using materials that do not attract heat. The dog needs freshness and shade in the summer, not a sauna! For the most tough, equip your kennel with screened walls. In all cases, the size of the kennel must be about fifteen square meters, to leave space for larger dogs.

3. Fastener
This is not the best solution for the comfort of the animal but it is inexpensive. Use a large dog leash and leave water nearby.

4. The

GPS collar There are different types but the principle is the same: a security zone is predefined. If it is crossed, the collar sends you an SMS to retrieve its position on the web.
So, even with that, does your dog always take a break?