Interesting Articles: Rodents 2019


NAC: still more new pets

Until now, NAC were used to refer to rodents. But recently, new species have joined the large family of new pets: reptiles, ferrets, and spiders invade pet shops and are increasingly successful with French homes.

The ferret is the animal that seems to be the most popular . According to his sales in pet stores, he is about to become the third pet of the French, behind the dog and cat. The maintenance of this small animal remain

Rabbits to help create drugs!

A patent has just been filed by the French company BioProtein , specializing in the production of proteins and vaccines . She plans to create her own medicine using transgenic rabbit milk.

How is this possible? The rabbit will be genetically modified so that it can produce a therapeutic protein. This protein will grow in rabbit milk and will be extracted to help drug production. The drugs will be used to trea

Raving Rabbids Directed by a Photographer

The rabbits idiots , these lagomorphs video game stars are on the rise worldwide (Rabbids in English), and Cocorico , they were created in France by the company Ubisoft

These rabbits beasts and wicked are the center of attention: we buy their adventures in video games, they collect their figurines, their T-shirts, and we even see them in several commercials on TV.

Steve Conti, a photographer from Vierzon (Cher) decided to immortali

Squirrel meat in a London supermarket!

In London, England, shopping can be exotic and very shocking : for a few months, a supermarket London, Bugdens, indeed offers squirrel meat to its customers.

The animal was indeed commonly eaten in the past and it would be on the request of consumers that this meat would have been reintroduced into the supermarket. Upon hearing the news, animal rights groups immediately came to the fore, calling the gesture " barbaric and unnecessary killing

Students retake exams because of... rats

The students of the University of Tribhuvan in Nepal have reason to pester or gloat. Indeed, after passing their exams, their copies ended up in a place that was swarming with rats. Neither one nor two, the rodents did a banquet , nibbling a good part.

The exams took place two and a half months ago. We kept the leaves in a secure room. But a few days ago, we discovered that some of them had been eaten by rats, "said a police inspector.<

A supermarket engages squirrels

Animals that work, we start to get used to: dogs and cats that visit the sick or elderly, doggies that accompany the animals. policemen or rescuers... The virtues and talents of our pets are increasingly recognized in the world of work. British supermarkets Morrisons go further: they hired 2 squirrels!

William and Morris, the 2 seasonal squirrels employees have a specific mission and that fits them like a glove: select the best fruits . Nuts, hazel

The 5 best Tooniz of the week

This week, you unleashed to celebrate the arrival of the holidays ! We had a lot of new creations, and some of them absolutely convinced you.

In the standings, there are members now subscribed to the podium, like Ellie60, Mathieu and Dogirl, but it is Volodimir that you wished to reward, with his " Bunny colorful-Bunny collection last "! Congratulations to you and the others, to you Tooniz!

The great hamster of Alsace threatened with extinction

In Alsace, five ecological associations have lodged appeals against urban planning projects , requested by the prefect of the region, which could affect the survival of the big hamster. The planned platform of activities would cover an area of ​​120 hectares near Brumath and threatens the already limited territory of this rodent.

We dispute the manner in which the prefect instructed these records , "says Maurice Win

The rabbit: a green companion par excellence?

Have you ever wondered if your pet was ecological ? Yes, after all, it consumes food, generates waste, you have to buy accessories... According to you, which animal has the best " ecological footprint " (the least negative impact on the environment)?

According to some specialists, the rabbit is the most ecological pet. They love the peelings of green vegetables (which limits your waste),

The scandal of intensive breeding of rabbits

A video made by the association for the protection of animals L214 lifts the veil on the intensive breeding of rabbits and scandal on the Internet. These images were shot in the four largest farms in France where the rabbit meat of the largest French brand comes from.

We can see rabbits parked on top of one another in tiny cages Reduced to total immobility, rabbits can not move at all, much l

A boy tames a wild rabbit baby! (Video of the day)

In his garden, this boy has discovered a rabbit terrier !

Without really believing it, he taps his finger at the entrance to the burrow ... After a few seconds, what does he see point the tip of his nose ?!

A baby rabbit !

Very reckless, this young rabbit quickly gauges his visitor. It will not take him long to understand that the boy who knocks at his door comes as a friend !<

A clever rabbit... and greedy! (Video of the day)

We all know that our four-legged friends are big greedy .

And in this category, the rabbits are not outdone... Is not it, Coffee?

This cute little rabbit with the name "caffeinated" is a good example and would do anything for a small piece of salad!

A little trick on himself? No problem, he knows how to do it. But her owner says well under the video that without candy to the key, she can still run

A goose, raised by rabbits, returns to the wild

Found alone and dehydrated goslings on the side of a road in Canada, André the goose a goes a long way to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

He learned to become independent through the company of men and... rabbits ! Then André was able to return to the wild life and to go out on his own.

But before getting to that point, André was in touch with many people. He was first brought by the man who found him in a parrot retreat

A homeless person jumps into the water to save his rabbit from drowning

On Monday, a homeless named John Byrne rushed into the river Liffey from Dublin (Ireland) in order to save Barney, his domestic rabbit, thrown into the water by a malicious passerby.

While rescue was late in coming, the man finally had to revive only his animal

John's rabbit thrown into the river by a passerby

On Monday, John settled down as its h

A rabbit digs a giant hole in his master's garden (Video of the day)

Howard the rabbit is a goat-rabbit (si, si) whose wild instinct has visibly taken over!

With the chord of its master , let's admit it, he decided to dig a giant burrow in the garden... And all this on a soundtrack worthy of the most great adventure movies !

Because it's an ambitious bet that Howard !

with perseverance under all fears an