Interesting Articles: Rodents 2019


The Habitrail cage: a revolution in rodents

Would you have liked to be a hamster? Thinking about the time spent by this poor rodent in his cage with only choice of activities to wheel or... to the wheel, we can say that his daily life is not envied.

But not anymore! The Hagen brand has thought about these little beasts and has specially made for them a new range of cage: Habitrail .

So like that, it's not very speaking, that's for sure. But when you are told bright colors, space, gadgets

The car hamster

For hamster owners during cool games, here is one that does not lack originality . the circuit with car for hamster to climb himself

the principle remains the same as with a traditional wheel: the little hamster (or gerbil, it also works) moved into its wheel and runs for

But beware, it's a wheel for hamster to which one has added a car, the driver must not forget his belt! The car comes in four colors: blue, yellow, orange or pink for the trend

All for $ 19.95 (about 15 €)

The ad likes animals

When advertisers are lacking imagination to do the advertising of a phone (in this case the brand Samsung), they decide to innovate and do something completely unexpected.

And if it was the animals that used the phone, what would they? Well everything... except phone

In this ad that shows 1000 and some uses of the phone, you will find that it can act as a screen for hamsters. You'll also know that it can become a puppy photo booth, just like a road sign for Indian guinea pigs on t

When mice think they are stars...

When rodents get bored, what do they do? They disguise themselves! But not in anything. For our pleasure, they take again the looks of the big cinematographic figures and the famous personages of our time.

Of course, these mice are only small soft toys, but so much accessorized that one would take them for the originals!

On the occasion of birthdays, weddings or simply to make a gift, these figurines will not miss originality. They come in several themes for our greatest joy. Grad

When squirrels go wild

Since they heard about the photogenic squirrel whose image has the turn of the web , our friends the squirrels decided that they too were entitled to their fifteen minutes of celebrity !

Yes, there is not only for cats and dogs, Squirrels also have to be declared as " funny animals ". And to prove to you that they put their heart into the work, here is a series of unusual photos where squirrels give everything they have!

A cat adopts a baby squirrel (video)

A mom cat who adopts a baby squirrel in addition of his kittens litter, is there more ideal to start his day with a smile?

While a cat, called Emmy, had just had a litter of kittens , his The owner went to the obvious: she could not keep them. As a responsible person, she struggled to find a family who would take care of the mother and all her kittens .

When taking the mother and her children to bring them to their new hom

A dog collects squirrels!

A dog named Pixie saved the lives of three squirrel babies who had been dislodged from their natural habitat. The tree where they had established their lair was shot down, leaving them without shelter.

The owner of Pixie said she had tried to feed baby squirrels to the bottle without success. She turned to her dog. The 4-year-old poodle had just given birth to puppies, which had all been sold, and was still able to breastfeed.

A New Largest Rabbit in the World

Since Roberto and Amy , the last holders of the world's largest rabbit title, have died, Ralph , one of their 32 rabbits is about to win the title of the biggest rabbit in the world.

There are records in animals that entertain, like the biggest cat in the world, or that impress, like the oldest dog in the world. That of the world's largest rabbit is puzzling.

Indeed, only 1 year , Ralph the British rabbit has already exceede

Alice in Wonderland, the movie: discover the White Rabbit

In Alice in Wonderland , the new Tim Burton film, Martin Sheen lends his voice to the famous White Rabbit. Focus on a special preparation for the actor

Freely adapted from Lewis Carroll's novel, the film has kept all the key characters in the story. Among them, the White Rabbit, always late and with his fob watch in hand, which drives Alice into the fantastic world. To interpret this very fanciful role, Martin Sheen has adapted his game

Declaration of Haemorrhagic Diseases in Cuban Rabbits

Cuba reported to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE < ) of the appearance of an outbreak of haemorrhagic diseases in rabbits. The infection has been reported in the Cuban cities of Baragua and Venezuela, both in the province of Ciego de Avila. All reported cases of infected rabbits were subsequently killed. Several thousand rabbits were identified by the Ministry of Agriculture as susceptible to infection.

This dise

Domestic animals in prisons

An experiment never before performed in a French remand center is currently taking place in Strasbourg . Inmates take care of animals (dogs, rodents, birds...) to overcome their anxieties and loneliness.

A specialist in animal behavior , Patricia Arnoux, has been asked to carry out this experiment. His method is inspired by pet therapy , developed in Canada. Pet therapy is the use of the pe

Epic Mickey and Raving Rabbits: NAC Drugs on

When Mickey , the world's most famous mouse makes a big comeback on the Wii and rabbits come back to wreak havoc for our greatest pleasure, we have to take our hat off NAC (New Pets)

Epic Mickey has just been released as a video game on the Wii console, and it is already announced as the success of these holiday seasons.In this game, our favorite mouse is propelled to Wasteland, a sad and dull world which h

Experiments on animals in laboratories: progress on the European level

On Monday 5 April, the European Parliament and the Council delegations reached an agreement to propose a directive which will reduce the number animals used in laboratories for the purpose of scientific experiments. Every year in Europe, 12 million animals (dogs, cats, rodents) are used for scientific research

A compromise between animal welfare and research progress

The directive presented proposes to improve animal welfare <

PETA goes too far?

The PETA , ( People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ), is an American Animal Rights Association. Accustomed to shock advertising campaigns , she is often criticized for her images, sometimes sexy as with Pamela Anderson for example, sometimes violent, as with the latest.

Two young Australian singers holding out the dead body of a rabbit skinned for its fur, here is the last controversial image l

Katy Perry expands the family... with a rabbit!

Katy Perry has cracked again for the beautiful eyes of a male. But his boyfriend Russell Brand is reassured, it's about those of a rabbit! Last week, the star posted a photo of the little ball of hair on his Twitter account.

The rodent is named Abracadabra and has just joined the already busy home of the American singer. Left alone in Los Angeles while her boyfriend is in Australia for her one-man show, Katy Perry must certainly find the lesser ti