Interesting Articles: Rodents 2019


2011, The year of the rabbit: do not adopt!

This is clearly the message that PETA seeks to convey to the public at dawn of the year rabbit , which will begin on February 3 according to the Chinese lunar calendar. And yet, in China and the rest of Asia the sale of rabbits is already growing rapidly.

In China, it is no easier to find a rabbit to adopt than in the past. year of the rabbit. Then people succumb to his little face and offer themselves one or more balls of hair. But these rabbits

Raving Rabbids at the London 2012 Olympic Games (Video of the Day)

When it comes to make everyone laugh, rabbits do not miss one! Here they are also trying the tests of the 2012 Olympic Games . In search of glory and feats, the Raving Rabbits attempt the big dive, the discus throw, the race, and many other trials.

New clowns of today, these little rabbits have decidedly never luck, and yet it's not for lack of trying. Always willing, foolhardy and per

Gomz: animal-shaped erasers

They have carded at Japan and USA , and here Gomz finally land in France

Les Gomz are erasers of all shapes and colors that you can collect, exchange with your friends... and who can correct your spelling mistakes!

Get 5% off the Gomz with the promo code AllCreatureAnimalClinic !

Discover PuiPui, the most elegant rabbit in the world!

In Tokyo (Japan), a mini-star was born. And it's about PuiPui, the most elegant rabbit in the world...

From the Sherlock Holmes outfit to the sailor outfit, this bunny really has a lot of style to such an extent that it's all the rage in his country: this little rodent has indeed his own photographer, his stylist and a mistress who is none other than his first fan. It is even she who makes her costumes!

But this adorable ball of hair does not stop at the celebrity he

This Rottweiler has a best friend a hamster, and it's way too cute (Video of the day)

Bet you're going to melt

Saved when was to be used in dog fighting , Razor the Rottweiler was very lucky. And he is determined to take advantage.

Today, his best friend is an adorable little hamster with whom he loves to play and spend hours cuddling. Like what, you can be a huge dog and have your friend a tiny ball of hair.

A beautiful story to discover in video below:

They see a ball of fur in the snow, come nearer and run for help (Video of the day)

A magnificent rescue by two students

On a snowy day, two young students found a ball of hair lying in the snow. Approaching, they discover that it is actually a little squirrel totally icy . As it does not move, teens run for an adult and decide to take the squirrel warm.

Once warmed up, the squirrel starts to get better. They then take him to a veterinarian for examination. A beautiful rescue to discover in video below :

A girl takes her hamster who does not move to the vet, he discovers something very weird

For several days, the rodent has not moved.

When our animal seems to be going bad or different, it is normal to worry. This is precisely what happened to a girl who decided to take her Hamster to the vet . Why ? Simply because for three days, the rodent did not move and refused to eat and drink.

At first a little surprised, the vet asks the girl if something happened with the Hamster that could explain this behavior for the least strange. She explains that

5 Accessories for rodents in good mood!

Rodents also have a right to their return! To better occupy them, improve their comfort or simply maintain them, here is a list of 5 rodent accessories original, practical and essential to have a rodent well in his cage!

1. The sand bath
When we struggle to get rid of the sand when we come back from the beach, the rodents do the opposite: they take sand baths! This is part of the hygiene of small animals, especially octodon

Coffee with rabbits... for stressed Japanese!

In Nagoya, Japan, a coffee of one new genre has just opened: a café with rabbits! Not a café for missed appointments, but a place where you can have lunch, have a drink, while being surrounded by rabbits.

The concept already existed with cats, but rodents were not very present on this market.And it works pretty well!

On site, there is a restaurant area, where you can enjoy specialties rabbits. Do not worry, these are not rabbit dishes but rather dishes inspired by our friends rode

Become a hamster... for one night!

You have always wondered what a rodent felt in his cage? You can now live this experience, spending the night in a hamster house !

At the origin of this project, Yann Falquerho, creator of the agency Tabakero and concepts "A corner at home And "A unique corner", offering thematic townhouses . His last unusual project? Redecorate the smallest house in Nantes, so that you feel like a rodent in your cage.All is designed to see things and feel like a r

Brad Pitt spends more than € 57,000 on gerbils!

Staying in their castle in the south of France, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and their little family took the opportunity to visit a pet shop.

A small kitten for Zahara and Shiloh? A puppy for Maddox and Pax? No, it's just gerbils that Brad decided to buy from his small tribe.

Simply and... modestly?

Not that much because if Brad saved money by buying gerbils instead of dog breed, it is to better not skimp then on the panoply essential!

Brad indeed spent more than 57 000

Mice karting

Here's a crazy promotional video for the game MySims Racing - a car racing game - in which you can see two mice doing a karting race.
The humor is completely off, the special effects are rude, and you will wonder: why mice?
Everything comes from the word game between "MySims" and "Mice Sims". Indeed, "mice" means mice in English. As you can see, the concept of promotion is largely hair-driven, but you can not help but laugh at seeing this crazy

Mission G, When Rodents Take Action

Mission G , this is the new opus in 3D of Walt Disney . It's coming out tomorrow, October 14 and already promises to be box office.

The story? A group of rodents, mostly guinea pigs, are formed by the government as part of a special mission to become spies.
Their mission? Nothing more than saving the world!

Raving Rabbids are back in video games!

Those who liked the first version of rabbids will love the new Wii game (or Nintendo DS), The Raving Rabbids: The Big Adventure

As before, the story has for hero rabbits a little limited but whose main quality - at least for the players - is humor. Offset and crazy, one thing is certain, with rabbids, we are not going to be bored!

With this new game, the rabbids are enjoying a great climb. At first, they were present only with Rayman, but today have t

Roberto the biggest rabbit in the world

He lives in Britain, his name is Roberto, he weighs 12 pounds to 1 meter long. No, it's not a 4-year-old, but a rabbit that has gone beyond the overweight phase.

The following video shows the rabbit, probably the biggest known in the world, peacefully lying on the carpet

So, is this rabbit's obesity a simple genetic trait or due to a poor diet?