Roar to save big cats!

The big cats need protection because they disappear at an alarming speed.

Lions, tigers , cheetahs, leopards ... All are victims of the degradation of their environment and still too often human victims .

Beverly and Dereck Joubert, a couple of writers, wildlife photographers, Filmmakers and explorers have set themselves a mission to conserve and understand the great predators of African wildlife. They then set up the Big Cats Initiative whose mission is to support field projects working for the conservation of species, to educate local people in the cause and to encourage donations to be able to act and to sensitize the public opinion

1 roar = 1 euro!

The Joubert turn and do research in Africa for more than 25 years. A remarkable rich work of 22 films, 10 books, scientific publications and many articles in the magazine National Geographic .

To support you also the project Big Cats Initiative it all you need is... RUGIR!

For each roar that you record with your webcam (or without), 1 euro will be donated to the Big Cats Initiative .

The slow disappearance of felines

At the origin of this international initiative, one observation: felines are disappearing little by little, all victims of the degradation of their environment but also of conflicts with men.

2000 years ago, more than one million tigers roamed our planet, in 1940 there were about 400,000, today in 2011 there are 20,000 . A catastrophic reality with serious consequences on the entire ecosystem

The association works with local and international NGOs , societies, local communities and personalities to save these felines in danger and secure the future of this multiannual initiative.