RIP Sausage, famous dog politician and tribune

A sad news comes to us from Marseille... The dog Sausage, adorable dachshund crossed become a real celebrity, is died this weekend at the age of 16 years , reports Provence .

Remember, this dog had become a star canine when he was presented in the municipal elections of his city in 2001. With his slogan of shock "For a sauciété more human, against a life of dog!", he had obtained 4% of votes

The little survivor became star

The little dog had also made a noteworthy passage in the third season of the emissi reality TV Secret Story in 2009. The animal had won 10,000 euros thanks to this brief passage on TF1.

A sum he had entirely donated to the SPA of Valentine in Marseille where this little survivor of dog fighting had been adopted by the team of the publisher L'Écailler du Sud, and more particularly by the writer Serge Scotto, who made him a polarious hero before transforming him into a political figure and then a tribune

Sausage has traveled the TV sets, the salons, the social events, signed autographs with a shovel, always with the same patience and the same sweetness

Columnist for Metro then for Direct Morning , Sausage has signed several books all translated by his master. His latest chronicles, Sausage opens his mouth , have also recently been published in digital version.