RIP Loukanikos, famous stray dog ​​and protagonist of Athens

Greece cries one of the figures of the big anti-austerity demonstrations that took place in Athens between 2009 and 2011: the dog Loukanikos (sausage in Greek), is dead. This 4-legged protagonist had a lot of fun in the media around the world. He had become so famous that the Time Magazine of 2011 had ranked in the top 100 personalities of the year .

"His bowels were drowned by the gases "

The fame of Loukanikos is such that an article is devoted to him on Wikipedia and the Facebook page which was created in his honor brings together nearly 46,000 people.

Avgi , there is no doubt that the dog's health was destroyed by the tear gas, the Molotov cocktails and the beatings he received during the riots, which he had not missed. demonstrations organized to protest against the austerity policy introduced by the troika (the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund). And every time, it was with the angry people that he marched, barking and growling against the riot police .

"His bowels were drowned by the gases of the police, his body was covered with the wounds of their batons "affirms the left-wing paper affiliated with the Syriza party

a heart attack that took away the animal probably ten years old years. "He was sleeping on the couch, when suddenly his heart stopped beating," said the man who collected the stray dog ​​several years before the protests. He called it Theordore, but the protesters preferred to call him Loukanikos.

Loukanikos was buried under a tree on a hill in downtown Athens. "He was Greek, like all wandering animals, Loukanikos is a kind of worry for the Greeks who refused to shut up," says Anna Makri, the vet who runs the city's wandering service.

Dogs and stray cats are very numerous in the streets of Athens, which lacks refuges to welcome them . These animals are, however, identified by the animal service by means of collars.