Reunion between a soldier and his dog (Video of the day)

When one is military, one is led to leave in mission for several months . It means putting his family, his friends, his dog to one side.

The Master, an impressive German Mastiff, has left 9 months

from his home from Nebraska.

Her partner could not help filming the dog's reaction to her master's return.

As she says, Emmitt felt his presence while still inside from the house and that he had not seen it. When she opened the door, Emmitt rushed to his master . She points out that Emmitt usually does not have the right to put his paws on people's shoulders, he was in a state she had never seen

. " Looks like he's shocked, he's not crying, does not bark and does not even lick him, he just takes him in his arms and stares in. The dogs are wonderful

, he says

A reunion charged with emotion