Rescue of more than 100 dogs for consumption in Korea

If in our country the dogs present on the farms have for mission to keep company to their master or to gather cattle, a few thousand kilometers away, farms are dedicated to breeding dogs.

However, this breeding is not the one we know... There our dear doggies, whom we consider our best friends, spend their lives locked up in cages, they never see the light of day, give birth between bars and will never know the pleasure of running in the grass. These dogs there will be killed and will end up on the plates

This is the sad reality in some parts of Korea, China, Thailand, Vietnam or the Philippines...

Humane Society International of United States is one of those associations fighting against meat consumption. Whenever they can, the volunteers save the life of these poor slaughter animals and give them an American dream by sending them to the USA.

In the video recently released by the association, Kelly O'Meara presents us, not without emotion, the life of these animals but also their happy rescue. Indeed, during the last intervention in South Korea, 103 dogs have left these cages to reach the American soil and the farm was definitely closed.

If this operation is a good start, there are still thousands of dogs to save plates...