Rescue a dog on an iceberg

A dog trapped on a piece of ice in the middle of the Baltic Sea has just been saved off Poland

We do not know where this dog comes from, but his story has something extraordinary about it. He found himself trapped on a piece of ice that broke loose as he crossed the frozen Vistula River in Poland.

It was first firefighters who saw the dog trapped on the ground. river, but despite their attempts, they could not do anything for him.

It was only 100 kilometers that it was detected by meteorologists who were on the water. Baltic sea. They did not identify the dog immediately, but approached the form. In case.

Great good took them. The dog was obviously in a state of extreme weakness and was struggling to stay on the piece of ice that was hiding under his feet.

They rescued him with the help of a zodiac as he was about to sink into the waves, and immediately wrapped him in warm blankets. It was less a night: the Baltic Sea flirts with the -34 ° !