Rent a pet? It's now possible thanks to a new start-up!

Three students of the University of Nice have just created a unique company: it offers to rent a pet for a short time.

You dream of renting a dog, a cat, a rodent or even a snake for a few days or months? Thanks to the company Rent a pet , it's now possible! Many animals of different species are at your disposal, and thanks to the formulas proposed by the company, you do not have to commit yourself in the long term: you can make your animal rented when you want !

A false enterprise but a very real campaign

Reassure yourself: all this is just a joke. Renting an animal for a short time - which would involve a regular change of environment and masters - would be totally contrary to its well-being (although this practice exists in Japan!). This joke is nevertheless very serious since it is actually a communication campaign. Initiated by Auriane Bettolini, Marine Di Franco and Kelly Lortal, - three students in Master 2 Organizational Communication at the Institute of Business Administration of Nice - she aims to create the buzz to shock and draw attention to the drama of the abandonment of pets

These 23-year-old women started from an observation: "After studying several communication campaigns against the abandonment of animals, we realized that There was very little change in the tonality and the narration adopted, the majority of the campaigns play on the affect and push to the judgment of the acts of others, "they explain to the writing of AllCreatureAnimalClinic. They wanted to break with this feeling of guilt conveyed by the traditional campaigns : "the pathos no longer works, it only affects the people already sensitized by the cause and that does not prevent the people from abandon, "they deplore

Communicating differently to fight against abandonment

That's why they came up with the idea of ​​creating this fake pet-rental start-up" for highlight the instrumentalisation of the animal ". On an e-commerce site, the company offers its services of short-term pet rental. But "the real page of our real message is hidden through different tabs, buttons, menus", so it only takes two clicks to realize that the rental offers... are just a hoax.

"We want to prove that another way of communicating is possible to fight against abandonment. Before any abandonment, there was a purchase or an adoption, "they insist. "We do not want to blame people who have abandoned or who may have to give up for many reasons... We want to inform about the responsibility and serious commitment of an adoption or the purchase of 'a pet that deserves a very important reflection'. Through their shock and digital campaign " a pet is #ForTheLife ", Auriane, Marine and Kelly wish to raise awareness about responsible purchasing or adoption.

A committed university project

If this campaign is carried out as part of a university training, "the evaluation is a secondary criterion", explain the students "because all three are very sensitive to the cause and involved in the animal defense »

And to recall:« The pet becomes an "object" animal that one decides to buy or adopt a little too lightly. Today, there are more than 100 000 abandoned animals each year with a peak of 60 000 abandons during the summer holidays, the question does not even arise, we must act!

Beyond their campaign, Auriane, Marine and Kelly wish to go even further by supporting an animal welfare association. They have chosen the association GALA from Nice mobilized during the attacks in Nice by taking care of the animals of the victims. On the site , it is thus possible to make a donation to this organization.

AllCreatureAnimalClinic wishes to salute the work of these students who had an idea innovative for the benefit of pets. At the moment, while the buzz is still in progress, they receive many negative messages from Internet users outraged by the "pet rental". But thanks to their response strategy, they encourage their detractors to visit their site to discover their true message... And it works: "As soon as the site was put online, many people were excusing themselves and sharing our campaign, the message seems to pass. " Disinformation to better inform , is this the secret of a successful communication?

Do you want to adopt an animal #ForLife? Go to our section "Adoption" or download the application Adopt me !

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