Freed by police from a furnace car, a dog runs away on the road

Never leave a animal alone in a car, under any circumstances. Even with a window ajar .

The outside temperature may seem acceptable, but be aware that it can be 15 degrees higher when the car is parked in direct sunlight (and even if it is parked in the shade). The car becomes a real furnace in just a few minutes

Parker the dog has paid the price! The cross-breed dog Pitbull was locked in a car in the Toronto large car park in Canada

Quickly, two people were passing by the vehicle at around 12:30 , and seeing the animal in great difficulty, contacted the police

The authorities quickly intervened in the car park to release the dog from his hell . They thought for several minutes to establish a strategy to apprehend the animal without frightening him

They lost control of the dog

They finally opened the cockpit and managed to put on a collar with its leash around the dog's neck, after gaining his confidence.

But when he got him into the police van, the dog panicked and ran away . The collar was too big

He left the car park and in full race, he went straight to the express voice close to the supermarket.

Luckily, he There was not much traffic and the animal was exhausted. He finally slept in the shadow of a car that stopped right in front of him.

The driver then helped the authorities to comfort the dog and take care of him. He was taken to animal shelter where he quickly regained his strength.

Unaware masters

The owners did not return to their vehicle until after 5 pm ! They can be prosecuted for act of cruelty to an animal . They left without commenting to the journalists present on the scene.

This summer and the rest of the year, let us show responsibility: do not let a be alive unattended in a car .