Release of a dog locked in a room filled with excrement for two years

Since 2014, residents of the Brouets district in Mantes-la-Ville (Yvelines) could no longer enter their building hall without feeling an odor nauseating. It is also thanks to their intervention that a dog could be released from his filthy prison...

No longer able to bear the stench emanating from a ground floor apartment, the inhabitants of the Brouets neighborhood appealed to the forces of the Order to open the studio. By opening the door, they were then far from imagining that they would discover a scene as distressing: a dog sequestered in a room of 2m ²... filled with excrement . The poor dog, called Pepsi, had never had the opportunity to get out of his hell and thus found himself forced to do his needs in his living room. His basket and bowl - like his "enclosure" - were also covered with excrement.

Custody for the master

Aware of the horrible life he gave to his dog, the Owner of the animal, a 33-year-old man, acknowledged the facts. Moreover, following his detention, he confirmed a "let go" of his share of the consequences of an attack of which he was the victim in 2015, detailed Le Parisien .

Pepsi, the crossed Labrador Shepherd, was fortunate to be supported by the members of the inter-communal kennel of Buchelay where he was able to receive the appropriate care. The SPA has of course filed a complaint against the master who will be prosecuted for acts of cruelty to an animal.

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