Relationship between child and dog: the risks

The day after the death of a child caused by the bites of his dog, the debate on the child / dog relationship is surfacing again. The child who was killed Tuesday morning by his dog, a Malinois Shepherd, in the family home in Lucé (Eure-et-Loir), is the 5th death of this kind for 2 years.

Aged d ' a year and a half, he was alone with his little brother of 4 months, which was not hurt by the dog. The mother of these two children had gone with the big brother to school between 8:30 am and 9:00 am

The firefighters intervened quickly but failed to save the young victim, many injuries . The boy's mother, a member of a dog training club, trained his dog at "biting" , which teaches the animal to attack a target and then release it on the order of his master

Tips to avoid accidents

Never remember it too often: you must never ever leave a child alone with a dog , regardless of race. This is the first rule to respect to prevent any bite of your child.

A child should never look a dog in the eyes because, if he considers that his attitude is most sincere, the dog the will take a challenge and may come to attack it.

It is also necessary to teach the child to not be too noisy or too agitated with the dog, who will not have other ways to feel the discomfort caused by grunts or bites

Formal prohibition to approach the dog when eating

you will always have to remain vigilant and constantly monitor the relationship between the dog and the child .