Rejected by their biological mother, these kittens were raised by a formidable surrogate mother

Cacao and Pinto were found in the street, with their mother. But very soon, their host family realized that the cat was not quite ready to raise its young.

When the little cat family arrived in their foster family, the mother was so stressed that she did not want to eat or take care of her children. The more days passed, the more dangerous she became for her offspring. Then the family took the decision to separate the kittens from their mother, for their safety. The cat mother was then taken to a shelter where she could quickly find adopters.

The bitch raised kittens like his own babies

But what would become of his kittens? Without their mother, their chances of survival were reduced... But it was not counting on the help of a great surrogate mother: Zuca... a bitch !

Very quickly, Zuca shown maternal with small balls of hair. Like a mother, she spent time with them reassuring them, warm , wash them with great licks... Thanks to his presence, Cacao and Pinto were able to grow well with all the affection

Once weaned , the kittens found a family that decided to adopt them together. They are now happy and will always be welded!

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