Rejected by his mother, this premature kitten is a real miraculate!

The first hours on Earth of Freyja were not a good omen... But life has many surprises, and the kitten born prematurely and rejected by his mother s' is seen to offer a second chance. Freyja has met his guardian angel , who has decided to save him, has kept the tiny hair day and night for weeks.

A ball of hair from 60 grams

"She came to us on May 29 after a woman launched a Facebook call for help for a premature kitten rejected by her mother," says Debbie Timmis at Lovemeow . "'She weighed 60 grams when we had her, she was virtually hairless and had been deprived of the first hours of feeding because her mother was unable to feed her because of stress. taken to the vet the next day, "she explains.

Freyja weighed only 60 grams when she was collected by Debbie and her family.

Freyja, an adorable ankle mord!

A several times, Debbie feared the worst of the orphan kitten's weakness. But the young woman never lost hope and fed Freya every two hours of the day and night for two weeks.

Debbie fed the oprhelin kitten every two hours, day and night.

Seven weeks after being picked up by her benefactor, the ball of hair "is gaining weight, starting to wash herself, playing, purring, exploring, and being an adorable ankle biter"!

A majestic name for a very brave kitten

But why did Debbie and her family choose to call her Freyja? "We looked for a majestic name because she was so brave and strong that she deserved one... so we called her Freya, the Nordic goddess of love, beauty, fertility and gold" explains her

Freyja is growing well! She has become a real bitch!