Red Dog: A True Story, a Movie, 2 Amazing Dogs

On September 30, the film Red Dog is finally released in our country, on DVD and Blu-ray. This film, both funny and very moving, tells the true story of a dog , a Kelpie, having chosen freedom.

A poignant story

This dog n ' has never stopped wandering across the country , hitchhiking! Known throughout Australia, he has become a legend.

The dog has captured the hearts of all the inhabitants of Dampier, an industrial town in northwestern Australia. This is where he found his one and only teacher, John. As soon as Red Dog met this young bus driver, he set his sights on him, and adopted ! But this love story was tragically over when John lost his life in a car accident.

For weeks, Red Dog waited for his return . But not seeing him come back, he went looking for him. The legend says that he has traveled the world to find his master...

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Koko, favorite for this dog actor

If the The story of his adventures was so successful - 8th in the Australian box office - thanks to Koko , the beautiful dog who plays Red Dog . The producer Nelson Woss had a real favorite for him And one understands easily why!
It is enough to watch the video of his audition, watched by more than 350 000 people, for Fall in love with the magnificent Kelpie

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Nelson Woss has never been able to part with him, and adopted it after the shooting. Alas, Koko died in December 2012 . The star dog who has thousands of fans on Facebook was swept away by heart disease.

Upset by the untimely death of his companion, who was then only 7 years old, Neslon Woss is campaigning today for the detection of heart disease. He has created a foundation to help clinics finance their equipment.

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