Record: the longest cat in the world (video)

You already know the largest cat in the world, a cat of Savannah breed, discover now the world's longest cat ! This is (not surprisingly) a Maine Coon cat, already known to be the longest cat breed.

It was known that Maine Coon can grow up to 1 meter in length, but Stewie, 5 years old and resident of Reno in the United States, is a cat that exceeds 123 centimeters !

For the measurement of this cat, the experts left the tip of his nose and went as far as at the end of the last gold of his tail. Is it worth mentioning that the previous record was already held by a Maine Coon ?

Stewie owners decided to submit their cat submission to Guinness Book to force to be told that their cat was really very big. They now have an extra reason to be proud of their "gentle giant."

Discover the world's longest cat in video:

Stewie, Maine Coon, the longest cat in the world