Record: a female dog gives birth to 17 small

Osha, is the name of an Australian military dog ​​who has just given birth for the first time, and to break a record at the same time. On April 17, the dog, a 4-year-old Belgian Shepherd, gave birth to 17 pups. Never had a defensive dog had so many puppies in Australia .

A family habit

But in Osha's family, bitches are used to giving birth to such litters. The beautiful had indeed 8 brothers and sisters and her sister Odette recently gave birth to 14 puppies.

The world record remains however unchallenged, a military dog ​​living in Cambridge, England, having had 24 young in 2004 . Alas, 4 of them died right after their birth.

Osha and his cubs alongside Stephen Cannon, the RAAF Canine Breeding Director Amberley

17 future military dogs

Osha gave birth to six females and eleven males , after being artificially inseminated with the sperm of a non-military dog ​​who died last year, reports Daily Mail . She has just given birth to more than 20% of the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) Amberley base breeding quota.

The pups, who have not yet received names, will be taken supported by host families before starting their training to become military dogs. Their mother can not take care of the 17 puppies, so the RAAF is looking for people who can take care of them until they are weaned.