True miracle, this two-legged kitten takes his first steps in a wheelchair

The life of the Cassidy kitten has sadly begun... This adorable hairball black and white was born in the forest. She lost both hind legs a few days after her birth and spent her first nine weeks trying to survive alongside her brother. Gifted with incredible courage, Cassidy managed to crawl to a house from Langley, British Columbia to Canada. Hungry and suffering from serious infections, the kittens were fortunately rescued in time.

"Everything was against this little fighter"

" The owner of the house was alarmed to see that Cassidy had only two legs He immediately contacted us, and we spent the next two days putting together various plans to capture them, he spent hours trying to catch them, and finally managed last night , "recounted September 5. last a member of the association Tiny Kittens, who now takes care of them. " Cassidy's brother, Topper, is skinny too, but not as emaciated as Cassidy. Topper is very protective with his brother, and these two only survivors clearly have a strong bond "

Cassidy can count on the support of his very protective brother.

Determined to offer a second chance to these two adorable and endearing kittens, the members of the association have made every effort to help them to take back the hair of the beast.

" Everything was against this little fighter from the first day, but he managed to make his way to us and we will make sure that he has every chance of recovering on his two adorable feet "continues the association. " He manages to move quite well, to walk on his front paws by lifting his rear train in the air .

This kitten is a real miracle.

" A medical miracle "

The chances of survival of this kitten were almost zero. " It was a medical miracle that he could have survived even one day with such wounds, alone for nine weeks .

To allow him to move more easily and The association soon turned to a veterinary hospital and the Handcapped Pets association. Nearly a month after being discovered and saved, Cassidy was offered a kind of wheelchair perfectly adapted to his figure with which he immediately began to frolic .

The images Cassidy's first steps with her little cart are very touching. " Every passing day, our Cassidy shows how remarkable it is and that even the most" broken "wandering kittens deserve a chance to experience happiness and love " writes Tiny's team Kittens on Facebook.