Reading to the rescue of a young autistic and dogs of refuge

All animals have their own story about how they landed behind the bars of a shelter... but while nothing can be changed in the past, a little autistic boy tries to turn the future of these dogs into their own. reading stories.

For over a year now, Jacob, a 6-year-old boy with autism, spends his Thursday afternoons at Saving Carson Shelter Dogs in Los Angeles. During these moments, the child brings a book that he takes care to read to each dog by settling in front of their cage. This simple gesture has a particularly beneficial effect on animals that, instead of barking, completely subside and show their touching personality . Once highlighted, this hidden side of their hairballs can often be adopted more easily

They like it. The dogs are in tune with him. They bark and could be thought of as crazy, but when Jacob reads for them, they become calm and focused, they even wag , "says Katherine Tumulan, the boy's mother.

And the happiness Jacob brings them , the doggies do it well! Indeed, since the little boy spends his afternoons reading for his four-legged friends, his illness has evolved positively . While the child could not stand the noise before meeting the hairballs, he now manages to concentrate and ignore the din around him. Her mother is impressed by her progress. Especially since Jacob became a better student thanks to his repeated readings at the shelter

It was something huge. It's a long way that has been traveled. I just received a report explaining that my son has a good level of reading now. He really helped them and they did the same.

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