Reached a cancer, this dog makes a final road trip with his master

Bone cancer, Bella, a beautiful chocolate labrador, is currently working on a last road trip through the United States with its owner, Robert Kugler

Bella is a beautiful chocolate labrador who has always accompanied her human during all her travels. But recently, he was diagnosed with bone cancer . When he learned that there was only 3 to 6 months left to live with his dog, the latter decided to give him the best of goodbyes... by taking him on a last road trip by his side.

However, the story was turned upside down when the vet announced to the head of the hair ball that the latter had to be amputated from the paw to avoid any further suffering. Especially since his cancer had spread to the lungs, further decreasing his life expectancy...

Some time later, the hard blow, the two companions took the road , swallowing the miles, making new friends and crunching life to the fullest!

And love always seems stronger than anything since 14 months have passed since their departure and Bella is still in good shape , sailing on the east coast of the United States. " We traveled for five months, covered thousands of miles, and spent countless nights sleeping in our SUVs or on friends' couches that we made all our lives together. It was an incredible and unforgettable experience , "writes Robert Kugler

Today, the former Navy shares their adventures with their Instagram community, already entertaining over 60,900 Internet users . To continue to testify to his incredible story, he also resumed their journey through a paper in RK-Life Illustrated .

This story, which has largely touched the Internet, demonstrates - once again - that love between two beings may be stronger than anything...

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