Reached a cancer, he found his only reason to live: his dog

Here is the proof that for some people, the dog is more than a companion, it is a lifetime

Harry Bown, 53, suffers from terminal pancreatic cancer. Homeless, this American veteran shares his only moments of happiness with his dog, Olivia. But as if his life was not sad enough, the worst thing happened to poor Harry. While napping in a park, his four-legged beast disappears.

When he awoke, the man searched Olivia relentlessly, foaming the shelters, broadcasting announcements, but no news of the Harry is devastated

However, thanks to the Captain Care association, the adorable bitch is finally found in a shelter in Long Beach, California.

Reunion between the animal and its owner were filmed. One can see the immense joy of the dog but also, and especially, the strength of living found of the sick master .