Raw meat and bone for dogs and cats? Veterinarians oppose

The Raw Feeding Diet for dogs and cats, consisting of meat and bone raw , as well as unprocessed foods such as milk and eggs, do not please everyone... A group of veterinarians in the United States even strongly oppose it.

If some swear by this diet, which in addition to reducing stool, as well as body odor and breath, would offer our companions canines and felines a better quality of life and increase their life expectancy, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), has just ruled against this scheme

90% of delegates from the veterinary association, the largest in the United States, voted in favor of this opposition policy, stating that e Raw feeding , in many ways similar to BARF , may be dangerous for animals but also for their masters

An animated debate

The AVMA refers to the many canine and human pathogens such as Salmonella, E. coli, or Toxoplasma gondii (the parasite that causes toxoplasmosis), " that has eliminated in the stools of dogs and can be transmitted via carpets and furniture throughout the house "warned a couple of veterinarians nutritionists.

But it was not necessary to wait for this vote for the debate around the diet of dogs and cats raw meat, bone and offal comes alive.

While some say it may be dangerous for the health of animals and humans, others are rising up against has a bad quality of kibble and other foods prepared for our 4-legged companions.

Following the announcement of the new policy of the American veterinary association, a petition has even been launched. Signed by more than 4000 people, she denounces the position of the AVMA and accuses it of being the " puppet of the industry pet food ".

In short, the Raw Feeding, its advantages and disadvantages, have not finished unleash the passions !

And you, what do you think?