Ranking of cities where life is good with your dog in France

According to 30 Millions of Friends , Montpellier would be the most "dog friendly" city in France while Paris would be the least welcoming for our dog friends...

According to INSEE, 85% of French people today live in urban area . And when we know that close to 8 million dogs share our daily , it is perfectly normal to try to integrate them as well as possible into city life. Also, this is the reason 30 Millions of Friends magazine has decided to conduct an investigation in order to establish the ranking of the most hospitable places for our dear canids. In all, about twenty cities (out of 41 that received a questionnaire) who played the game to be combed through...

To establish his record, the magazine was based on different criteria - graded out of 20 - such as accessibility of transport and public places with a dog (coefficient 3), the infrastructures proposed by the city (coefficient 1) as well as the cleanliness of the latter (coefficient 3). And if the capital of the Hérault region gets away with it, cities like Marseille or Paris - bad students - still have a long way to go...

Cities Accessibility Cleanliness Infrastructures
Montpellier 201813
Toulouse 19.21912
Nice 181818
Nancy 17.3209
Bordeaux 18.71613
Perpignan 13.72015
Reims 16.11712
Mulhouse 14.71910
Metz 17.31417
Nantes 1616.512
Strasbourg 181210
Rennes 17.91212
Limoges 16.71610
Caen 12.41815
Besançon 16.7148
Tour 13.31615
Toulon 10.21614
Angers 13.116.56
Brest 13.21213
Boulogne-Billancourt 8.91614
Le Mans 11168
Lille 10.81411
Aix-en-Pr ovence 10.6717
Lyon 8.710.512
Villeurbanne 6.7134
Marseille 8.4109
Paris 5.478

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