Ralphee the handicapped kitten and Max his best friend the dog

What a pretty story than that of Ralphee and Max. The first is an adorable kitten, unfortunately suffering from feline cerebellar hypoplasia, a disease that affects the cerebellum and disrupts the development of motor skills and coordination. The ball of hair has a very special approach and is sometimes agitated with uncontrolled movements

A friend and a protector

But far from being frightened by the strange behavior of his little companion, the dog Max, a superb Bouvier of Australia, has taken affection for Ralphee, that he does not let go of a sole.

Max seems to be aware of the difference of the kitten, on which he watches like a big brother. " Since we brought Ralphee back home, Max is never far away, he seems to be always curious and follows Ralphee wherever she goes." Ralphee is more and more mischievous every day and likes to see Max do that. She is often very excited when he is in the area " tell his humans.

Despite his disability, and thanks to the presence of his great friend, Ralphee is a very happy little cat who, like most kittens, need affection and love to do a lot of nonsense, have fun.

Transmitted by the feline panleukopenia virus, cerebellar hypoplasia is not a deadly disease and it does not evolve over time. The condition of some cats is improving even over the months and years.