Raving Rabbids are back in video games!

Those who liked the first version of rabbids will love the new Wii game (or Nintendo DS), The Raving Rabbids: The Big Adventure

As before, the story has for hero rabbits a little limited but whose main quality - at least for the players - is humor. Offset and crazy, one thing is certain, with rabbids, we are not going to be bored!

With this new game, the rabbids are enjoying a great climb. At first, they were present only with Rayman, but today have their own video game. And their mission is not less: to reach the Moon in order to be able to quietly take a nap!

For that, they will have to pile a maximum of detritus after having crossed various courses in a supermarket shopping cart. During which they will have to collect many objects such as rolls of toilet paper or to avoid a horde of chihuahuas.

They will also have to keep a souvenir of each expedition, for example to steal the giant clock from the office of a chief business. All this, on dynamic and catchy music, which will not detract from the rhythm of the adventure.

Another element that will please you: you can now change the appearance adventurous rodents. Bigger eyes, swollen ears, deformed face but also completely repainted body and atypical hats, you can customize your character so that it looks like you.

All this remains good child, even if the humor Raving rabbits have become more refined over time, which is not displeasing to us.

Rest assured, they have not lost anything of their folly . Those who fear that their virtual animal will rub off on them, will just play with their domestic rabbit, surely less fun, but safer!