Quiz Photos breeds: measure yourself to the champions!

You think you can be unbeatable on the breeds of dogs, cats and rodents? Prove it!

Test yourself to the AllCreatureAnimalClinic Quizzes Champions Photos, a fun, informative, and never-repetitive game as it's constantly being updated with the daily animal pictures added by members.

The principle of the quiz? Guess the breed of a dog, cat or rodent appearing on a photo, or find among 4 photos which animal corresponds to the breed

In 3 years, real champions have been born ! Pros unbeatable (or almost), it will be difficult to dethrone. But nothing is impossible!

The champions

Take a look at the top 10 champions of the AllCreatureAnimalClinic Photo Quiz!

1 - Benjy71, 424,413 points and 98% correct answers!
2 - Wolfman, 353 550 points
3 - Catharco, 352 285 points
4 - Mary and her Wolves, 244 135 points
5 - Isabella73, 241 706 points
Congratulations to them! And good luck to all those who will try to beat them!

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